"I have officially handed over my brows to Dollface. Though I wasn't terrible at dealing with them on my own, it is so nice to trust a professional. I mean, I leave it to the experts in other beauty areas, why not this one?!

When Jess got ahold of my brows, I didn't think they were in bad shape, but boy have they improved them! Through routine waxing, my arch is stronger and my ends are longer. However, the real transformation happened when I started tinting. Though I am a dark brunette, many of my brow hairs are naturally ashy. Tinting revealed that I actually have full brows! I'm a Dollface for life." ~ Janean Lesyk, NYC

"Jess took my brows from so so sad to so so fab! Seriously, I didn't realize my brows could ever come back to life and look this good, and I owe it all to her. Dollface Brows is the best!" ~ Maegan Hayward, NYC


"As a girl who once had eyebrows that looked like frown emojis, trusting someone with my brows was a touchy subject. But I put them in Jess' hands and she made them look full and better than ever! She is both a super talented lady and quite possibly a witch"! ~Mamrie Hart, Los Angeles


"One of my brows has a cowlick at the arch that no one has ever been able tame. After going to Jess at Dollface, I refuse to let anyone else touch my brows. She shaped, plucked and tinted them to perfection; I never knew my brows could look this good! Not only is she talented but her magnetic personality allows you to relaxand have fun even while she is plucking away at stray facial hairs. I leave every appointment feeling so refreshed and confident, I refuse to go anywhere else"! ~Laura Bremer, Detroit


"Jess has been doing my eyebrows for over three years and she is literally the best. She is precise, has a great eye for the perfect shape for your face, and also has a wealth of knowledge about how to care for your brows- growing them out, how to space out visits, etc.  She's also just an amazing and hilarious person that you will want to hang out with even when you don't need brow work"! ~Davlyn G., NYC


"I first met Jess back in 2013, and after years of getting my eyebrows done (literally since the age of 12), she was the first person to suggest that I tint them in addition to shaping. I haven't looked back since! Her calming demeanor makes it feel more like you're visiting an old friend than checking an appointment off your list. Once you've seen her for your first appointment, you'll be completely at ease knowing that the outcome will always be flawless every time. The compliments I have gotten since becoming a Dollface girl have been endless, and I truly think Jess has re-shaped my face for the better. I don't know what I would do without my monthly appointments. I can't imagine trusting anyone else with my brows, and feel so grateful to have found her"! ~ Juliette Daley, NYC