Don't tweeze between appointments.
You want all hairs to stay on one growth cycle, insuring your shape will be gorgeous and long lasting!

Do, stop in for a trim between appointments.
Trimming can make brows appear fuller and more polished, so why not!?

Don't, overthink it!
Just like one month of eating well doesn't Insure the perfect figure, one month of growing out your brows doesn't necessarily equal your ideal brow shape! But a year of choosing salad over fries and tossing the tweezers has the potential to yield some pretty fantastic results.

Do, talk to your brow specialist about choosing the perfect brow filler for you!
Even the most polished arches can use a lift sometimes. So, having a filler you love and feel comfortable using, Can keep your brows looking polished 24/7.

Don't pull out Grey hairs!
Over time removing your hair at the root can cause the follicle to go dormant and if one hair is going grey, more are sure to follow. The last thing you want are permanently patchy eyebrows! Trimming and a subtle tint are the best way to deal with those little silver troublemakers.

Do, try and take your brow specialists advice.
Sometimes it's hard to relinquish control over something so personal, but think of your eyebrows like a gorgeous full head of highlights! You're not going to try and touch those up at home between salon visits, so what makes your brow shape any different!