What do I need to do leading up to my appointment?

It's really quite simple, just put away the tweezers. A full brow growth cycle is around 28 days. So, you want to try and let your brows grow in for 3-4 weeks before your first appointment. Your beautiful new shape is just around the corner, so be patient and let it all grow out!

I'm using prescription skincare, can I still wax?

Rest assured that beyond beautiful brows, protecting your skin is our priority! A wide variety of skincare can cause sensitive skin, however even when prescription skincare is being used, you may still be able to wax. We simply use a barrier cream to protect your skin against any friction waxing may cause. Plus, you can always tweeze!

I've heard a lot about lash and brow tinting, but what exactly is it?

Lash and brow tinting is simply the best! It's a gentle and effective color, created for brows and lashes exclusively, that simply fades away over the course of a month. It takes between ten and fifteen minutes to apply and process and can shave that much time off your morning makeup routine. Brows are left looking fuller and more defined without the help of cosmetics and lashes are left looking longer with deep rich color from root to tip.

What color tint is right for me?

That all depends on the look you're trying to achieve. We will work together to determine the perfect brow or lash shade for you. Be it a soft blonde or a deep rich black, there is an option for everyone!

Is tinting safe?

Absolutely, but like anything you apply topically to your skin, there is always the possibility of a reaction. So, if you have a history of sensitivity, a patch test can always be administered leaving you able tint without worry.

How long will my treatment last?

You can expect a brow shaping, tinting and or lash tinting to last between three and five weeks. Age, hair color and texture can all effect longevity. A monthly appointment will keep you looking and feeling fresh and in ship shape.

What do I do between appointments?

Nothing. You want to try and keep your brows on one growth cycle, so put away the tweezers and enjoy being worry free. You will be pleased to watch your shape last longer and become less maintenence as the months go on. As far as tinting, we recommend finding a complimentary brow filler to use when tint begins to fade, or just to give your shape a little extra shine!

I've heard waxing causes wrinkles, and that tweezing is better, is this true?

Absolutely not. Regardless of whether you choose to wax or tweeze, a small amount of pressure will be applied to the skin, that is unavoidable. However, neither are doing any permanent damage, so choose based on which fits yours need best and don't sweat the small stuff!